Large Capacity AGV Automatic Transfer Cart


AGV automatic transfer cart offers a highly-efficient and reliable solution for transporting materials within production facilities, warehouses, and even outdoors. These carts are designed to be self-driving and can follow a predetermined path or be programmed to move autonomously.
• 2 Years Warranty
• 1-500 Tons Customized
• 20+ Yrs Production Experience
• Free Design Drawing

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Built using state-of-the-art technology, this transfer cart features advanced sensors and control systems that enable it to navigate through complex environments with ease• Its automated operation ensures that operators have complete control over the cart's movements, allowing them to focus their attention on other critical tasks

AGV is its ability to enhance productivity by reducing the time and effort required for material transport• With a load capacity of up to several tons, this product is capable of moving large amounts of materials efficiently and quickly Plus, with its flexible configurations, it can be easily configured to meet the diverse needs of different industries•

With AGV’s cutting-edge technology, it has been designed to ensure safe and secure material handling, minimizing the risk of human error and damage to equipment The advanced sensors and control systems ensure that the cart responds to any obstacles in its path quickly and safely, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use




Technical Parameter

Capacity(T) 2 5 10 20 30 50
Table Size Length(MM) 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 5500
Width(MM) 1500 2000 2000 2200 2200 2500
Height(MM) 450 550 600 800 1000 1300
Navigation Type Magnetic/Laser/Natural/QR Code
Stop Accuracy ±10
Wheel Dia.(MM) 200 280 350 410 500 550
Voltage(V) 48 48 48 72 72 72
Power Lithium Battey
Charging Type ManualCharging / Automatic Charging
Charging Time Fast Charging Support
Running Forward/Backward/Horizontal Movement/Rotating/Turning
Safer Device Alarm System/Multiple Snti-Collision Detection/Safety Touch Edge/Emergency Stop/Safety Warning Device/Sensor Stop
Communication Method WIFI/4G/5G/Bluetooth Support
Electrostatic Discharge Yes
Remark: All AGVs can be customized, free design drawings.

Handling methods


Handling methods


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